Effects on skin and facial

Cold temperatures and dry air are a big test for human skin. In this kind of weather, the metabolism of all organs, including the skin, will become sluggish, which is reflected in the reduction of oil secretion and sweat gland secretion on the skin. Therefore, no matter what kind of skin you have, it is inevitable to be relatively dry reaction.

Low air humidity can cause moisture loss from the skin. When there is very little moisture in the air, our skin will lose a lot of moisture, which will cause the skin to become dry, rough, and even peeling and cracked. In addition, the elasticity of the skin will also be affected, making the skin loose and dull.

It can also cause skin to become overly sensitive. When there is very little moisture in the air, our skin becomes very sensitive and vulnerable to external stimuli. This can also cause the skin to become red, swollen, itchy, etc.

Today's technology is developing rapidly, and almost everyone communicates and works through electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers. Therefore, prolonged use of eyes can cause various adverse reactions in the eyes. Undesirable eye symptoms are further worsened in the presence of low humidity. When the eyes are engaged in activities with high concentration, such as reading and driving, excessive tear evaporation will result in abnormal tear secretion, resulting in dry eyes, redness and itchiness, eye fatigue, foreign body sensation, and blurred vision.