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3L Steam Humidifiers for Bedroom

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  • 【Pure and Soothing Warm Mist】The steam humidifier, utilizing heating evaporation technology, undergoes high-temperature sterilization at 212℉. Subsequently, it is rapidly cooled to 122℉ by a circulating fan, producing a sterile warm mist akin to the comfortable mist of a hot spring. This helps in combating issues such as coughs, colds, and dry skin.
  • The top filling design makes operation easy. Just open the top cover and add water, and it won't leak, allowing you to safely place it on a table or cabinet. Intimate handle design makes it easy to open the lid. And it has a cleaning mode to facilitate your daily cleaning of the humidifier. Additionally, it automatically shuts off when the water level is low, providing you with a safe and enjoyable experience.
  • 【Simple Operation】With easy controls, just press the power button to start. Our humidifier offers adjustable humidity settings and timer settings, including 3 levels of mist (low/medium/high), allowing you to adjust the mist output according to your needs, with a maximum mist output of 600ml/H, quickly increasing indoor humidity. It also includes 3 timer settings (1H/2H/4H) to meet your humidification timing requirements.
  • 【High-Quality Living Experience】Steam humidification, circular mist outlet, faster diffusion of water molecules. With a capacity of 3 liters, it can run for 12 hours. The warm mist circulation can cover an area of up to 323ft², suitable for baby rooms, bedrooms, and offices, instantly moisturizing your living space environment.
  • 【What You Will Get】: Humidifier, power cord, user manual. Our customer support team provides you with 24-hour professional service and satisfactory solutions.

Technische Spezifikationen

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  • Befeuchten

    Der Warmnebel-Luftbefeuchter verfügt über drei Nebelvolumenstufen: niedrig/mittel/hoch, und der Nebelausstoßbereich liegt zwischen 400 ml/h und 1200 ml/h.

  • Kapazität

    Der Wassertank mit insgesamt 10 l Fassungsvermögen sorgt für eine effiziente Luftbefeuchtung über einen langen Zeitraum.

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