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Where To Put A Humidifier In The Nursery? 6 Best Places!

Where To Put A Humidifier In The Nursery? 6 Best Places!

One of the most important places to put a humidifier is in the nursery. This is because the nursery is where your baby will spend most of their time.A humidifier is helpful for babies with colds and can also prevent congestion. The ideal location for a humidifier is near where your baby sleeps, such as in the nursery.
You need to make sure that the humidifier is placed on a stable surface and out of your baby’s reach. Also, make sure that the mist coming out of the humidifier is pure and sterile, preferably with a hot distilled humidifier.Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guide for the proper use and cleaning to avoid any health risks.Furthermore, we are going to share some useful locations for a unit in the nursery. Here are the major ones;

1.In The Corner Of The Room:

One of the great location for a humidifier is in the corner of the room. Generally, people do not go to corners, so this is the perfect spot for the humidifier.
First, it saves space, and you can also keep the unit safe. Secondly, the unit will cover more area of the room. This way, the mist will be evenly distributed throughout the room. Also, your baby will benefit from it while they sleep.
Make sure you place it on a stable surface, as you don’t want it tipping over in the middle of the night.

2.On A Shelf:

Shelves are an all-time classic when it comes to where to put things. It’s no different with a humidifier.If you have a shelf in your nursery, this can be a great place to put your humidifier. It keeps it out of reach of random people and helps save space.
This is especially true if you have a larger unit that you don’t want to move around too much.Further, the mist can easily spread around the room from a shelf. So, as with any other surface, ensure it’s stable and won’t fall.
Putting a unit on any elevated avoids condensation issues. This is because airflow will prevent water droplets from forming on the surfaces.

3.Table Near Your Baby’s Crib:

A baby crib is a piece of baby furniture designed to provide a comfortable and safe sleeping environment for your infant or toddler.
A humidifier can be placed on a table near the crib to help circulate the air. This keeps the room at a comfortable humidity level. The good point is this is a balance location for a unit.
Not too close so that all the water directly hit the baby. And not too far where the humidifier can’t help with the air quality.
When a unit maintains an ideal distance, it works best. In addition, this prevents safety risks such as tripping unit issues. In case of a unit malfunctions, it cannot cause damage to the baby.

4.On The Dresser:

This is another great option, particularly if you have limited space in your nursery. A dresser top is a perfect spot for a humidifier.
Plus, most dressers are already equipped with drawers. This means you can store other things (like extra sheets or towels) underneath.Again, just make sure the surface is stable to avoid any accidents.
While putting a unit over a dresser, you can easily keep an eye on the water level and refill it as needed.It allows you to access the unit. You can adjust the settings and maintain them easily.

5.Next To The Changing Table:

Another great spot for a humidifier is next to the changing table. This allows you to monitor your baby’s health easily while changing their diapers.
This can be a great way to make the most of your available space in nurseries, where space is often limited.
Moreover, this place is most likely where you will spend the most time attending to the babies. That’s why having a humidifier nearby can be very convenient.

6.Near The Fan:

Placing your humidifier near a fan can help it work more effectively. This is because a fan helps circulate the air in a room.Sometimes, a unit works in a proper way, but due to a lack of airflow, it cannot function as intended.
In such cases, placing a humidifier near a fan allows the air to flow properly. It pushes the water vapors created by the unit into the room, allowing them to distribute evenly.
As a result, the whole area gets humidified, not just the immediate area around the unit.
However, make sure to keep the fan on a low setting. So it does not cause the water in the humidifier to evaporate too quickly.


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