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  • Babies, pregnant women, the elderly and children are prone to respiratory illnesses induced by low humidity.

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  • Humidity in the environment has an effect on the storage of items as well as has an effect on their quality.

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  • The humidity in the air also has a direct impact on the condition of one's skin, leading to various problems.

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Types of humidifiers? What is the difference between them?

According to the different operation of humidifiers, they are divided into two categories: ultrasonic and steam. The steam type can be divided into hot type and cold type. The most obvious feature of the ultrasonic humidifier is that the mist can be clearly seen spraying out. The mist cannot be seen in cold steam humidifier, and the visibility of mist in hot steam humidifier is based on climate changes. The choice of humidifier is based on consumer needs. If you are a person with respiratory sensitivities, it is recommended to choose an steam humidifier, especially a hot steam humidifier. Hot steam humidifiers can make the sprayed mist safer and healthier, and Y&O's humidifier is of the hot steam type.

Should I choose a humidifier with larger capacity and higher humidity?

Humidification volume is the amount of water that can humidify the air per hour. Generally speaking, one with a larger humidification capacity and a larger water tank will be preferred, so as to avoid frequent addition of water. It is also recommended to choose a humidifier with top fill design, which can reduce the steps of adding water and make it easier to add water and clean.

Should the humidifier be filled with tap water or purified water?

Different types of humidifiers add different types of water. Ultrasonic humidifiers must add pure water, while steam humidifiers can add either pure water or tap water. Tap water generally contains trace amounts of calcium and magnesium ions, residual chlorine, and microorganisms. Ultrasonic humidifier directly disperse water into the air and do not have the function of disinfection and sterilization. Therefore, it is recommended that only pure water be used for ultrasonic humidifier, and it is not recommended to use ultrasonic humidifiers to add disinfectants and sterilants, which will have a negative impact on the human body. The cold steam humidifier contains a filter element, which can filter some bacteria and microorganisms in tap water to a certain extent. The operating principle of a hot steam humidifier is to boil water and then cool and transport water mist through the guide tube and fan inside the machine. Therefore, the water in the hot steam humidifier has already played a role in sterilizing and sterilizing the water during the operation of the machine.

Is it necessary to clean the humidifier frequently?

It is necessary to clean the humidifier, but different humidifier types will have different cleaning frequencies. Like ultrasonic humidifiers, because some ultrasonic humidifiers do not have a sterilization function, they need to be cleaned regularly after using, otherwise bacteria will remain and affect the next use. Cold steam humidifiers need to replace the filter element regularly, otherwise the bacteria and microorganisms in the water will not be filtered well next time. As for hot steam humidifiers, because water is boiled before it turns into mist and is sprayed out, this type of humidifier does not need to be cleaned too frequently, even once a year.

Does the humidifier really come with anti-virus and sterilization functions?

This depends on the operation of the humidifier. Take an steam humidifier as an example. Because the cold steam humidifier contains a filter element, it can filter out impurities in the water to a certain extent and play a certain role in sterilization and sterilization. As for hot steam humidifier, when hot water boils to 100°C, many bacteria and viruses cannot survive (bacteria and viruses can be killed at temperatures of 80-100°C), so hot steam humidifiers can sterilize and kill viruses.