Breath Healthy Air

Bring fresh and clean mist to the home.


Relieve the Dryness

Improve indoor air quality and alleviate dry discomfort.


Plant Health Care

Keep houseplants healthy by giving them the moisture they need to flourish.


Keep Childs Healthy

Pure and clean warm mist keeps kids healthy and happy.


Create a Comfortable Workspace

Providing a comfortable and healthy working environment.


Moisturize Your Life

Enjoy clean and fresh air at home and experience a healthy life.


Warm mist adds moisture to your air and relieves dryness

YO Steam humidifier offers more healthy and clean mist by heating evaporation technology. It can enhance the air quality more efficient, keeps your skin moisturized and gives your family a safer humidification way.

Product focus

An up-close-and-personal look at YO steam humidifier's finest features.


Introduction to the use process of YO thermal evaporative humidifier

Other Features

Thoughtfully Designed for Total Care
High Capacity

There is a total of 10L water tank, which can provide long-term and efficient humidification. Provides continuous moisture during dry seasons.

Humidify Quickly

The warm mist humidifier has 3 levels of mist volume and a mist output range of 400mL/h-1200ml/h, instantly moisturizing your space environment.

Easy to Fill

For this humidifier, you can either open the cover or remove two separate water tanks to add water, which is very convenient.


After using it for a week, it surprised me that there was no scale and it had never been cleaned before. The 1200 foot space quickly felt moisturized.

It's perfect for the entire house! The winter in Canada is super dry. It's made a big difference in the air quality. 10L is super! So don't need to add water frequently. Use it before bed for 1 hour. The bedroom is much comfortable!

Had a couple of issues with the humidifier but the seller has great customer service and made everything right. I would definitely do business with them again!

This one is very large, and it can be used for the whole living room and master’s bedroom!

Can’t believe the difference in the house. Used to have two small cold humidifiers now this one covers the whole main level. No more static electricity either.