Is steam the same as warm mist?

In general knowledge, everyone takes it for granted that steam is warm mist. In fact, it is not. There is still a difference between the two.

Difference between mist and steam

  • Warm mist is formed under artificial techniques conditions and its essence is a large number of tiny water droplets.
    Mist is visible to the naked eye, and its moistness can be clearly felt by people.

  • Steam is the vapor form of water. When water reaches its boiling point (The boiling point of water is 99.974℃ or 212℉), it turns into steam.
    Normally, we cannot see the steam directly owing to steam is colorless and odorless.

  • Compared with mist, steam is healthy and safe, as steam has already completed the sterilization and disinfection steps when it is formed. (Bacteria and viruses cannot survive at 80℃-100℃)

Benefits of Steam

  • Humidification speed and range of steam are faster and larger than that of mist, because the molecular density of steam is smaller, which is easier to disperse and easier for the human body to absorb.

  • Steam contains a lot of heat and moisture.
    When exposed to steam, the blood vessels of the human body will expand and there will be more space in the blood vessels, which will help blood circulation and increase oxygen.
    People with sinusitis or seasonal allergies can experience relief from chest congestion and respiratory relief when exposed to steam.
    Steam is sterilized and is friendly to sensitive people, babies, pregnant women, and the elderly.