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Types of humidifiers? What is the difference between them?

According to the different operation of humidifiers, they are divided into two categories: ultrasonic and steam. The steam type can be divided intohot type and cold type. The most obvious feature of the ultrasonic humidifier is that the mist can be clearly seen spraying out. The mist cannot be seen in cold steam humidifier, and the visibility of mist in hot steam humidifier is based on climate changes. The choice of humidifier is based on consumer needs. If you are a person with respiratory sensitivities, it is recommended to choose an steam humidifier, especially a hot steam humidifier. Hot steam humidifiers can make the sprayed mist safer and healthier, and Y&O's humidifier is of the hot steam type.

Should I choose a humidifier with larger capacity and higher humidity?

Should the humidifier be filled with tap water or purified water?

Is it necessary to clean the humidifier frequently?

Does the humidifier really come with anti-virus and sterilization functions?